Wednesday, August 11, 2010

News and Updates: Barnes and Noble, Borders, Kobo, QUE Reader, and more!

Just completed a new article for popmatters on Andrew Wylie; will post when its up. Got interviewed a few days ago by a writer for on the impact of digital comics on the medium and industry. Will post a link when it comes up. All sorts of good links today:

New York Times reports that Pete Hamill, a writer who built his career in print, is releasing his next book exclusively as an e-book.

G-Online, a magazine about green tech, has a really important analysis of the environmental impact of digital books. The article's final analysis is that purchase of an e-reader, that uses electronic ink which requires less power, used consistently for over a year can reduce green house gases.

Wired takes a look at the new Toshiba Libretto

Retail Traffic has an interesting article on the commercial ramifications of Barnes and Noble potentially closing some of its stores, and some solid analysis on the company's decision to put itself up for sale.

Publisher's Weekly:
               - The Kobo and Random House have reached a deal with Fairmont Hotels to allow guests to borrow e-readers.
              - News of more layoff's at Border's corporate headquarters.
              - Comments about the now dead, QUE e-reader, that may have been big addition to the market if delays had not, and the release of the Ipad, hadn't stolen it's thunder.
              - Some news on Dorchester Publishing's announcement that will be going all-digital - apparently it is only for six months.

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