Tuesday, September 28, 2010

News and Updates: Riggio Triumphs and an Amazon Tablet?

Big News: Publisher's Weekly reports that Leonard Riggio has been reelected chairman of the board of Barnes and Noble.

Publisher's Weekly reports that e-books rose over 150% in July.
The Guardian speculates on the interactive future of e-books.
- Daily Finance reports that Amazon might start charging for its "Look Inside" option.

eBookNewswer reports on the new Velocity Cruz Reader and Sharp's new online bookstore and e-readers.
Techland on Blackberry's new tablet.
- Techcrunch reports on rumors that Amazon is working on their own tablet.

- "Angry as a Private Company Takes over Libraries" by David Streitfeld over at the New York Times.

- "The Digital Transition Dominates BISG Annual Meeting," by Jim Milliot at Publisher's Weekly.
- Slate reviews The Wall Street Journal's new Saturday Edition.
- "Author's Feel Pinch in Age of E-Books," by Jeffrey Trachetenburg  - very interesting article.

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