Tuesday, June 22, 2010

E-Reader News

It's been a busy week for e-reader news. Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com just announced simultaneous price reductions. The Nook is now 199. There is also a cheaper Nook that doesn't include the 3G internet service that is going for 149.99 (Incidentally, if you want to buy a Nook it would be better to go to Best Buy then Barnes and Noble. They currently have Nooks at the reduced price, which include a 50 B&N gift card, and a two year warranty for 20 dollars less then if you buy it at the book store). The Kindle has been lowered to 189.
Gigoam.com has an interesting article explaining Why Amazon's Kindle Will Eventually Win the E-Book Wars. The article breaks down the benefits of the Kindle, especially when used in conjunction with the Ipad, but I'm not ready to write Barnes and Noble out of the race just yet. B&N has hundreds of stores that allow them access to customers who may never find themselves checking out the Kindle.
Publisher's Weekly had an article talking a new reader, the wonderfully named Pfleeber.
Last week there was a digital conference on the future of publishing in New York. Here is a link to their page.

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