Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Even More Wonderful Book News

I first have to begin with a correction. I stated last week that even after Barnes and Noble lowered their prices on the Nook that Best Buy was still giving out the 50 dollar gift cards with purchase...turns out that was an error at a specific Best Buy. However, I have confirmed that their service plan is cheaper then buying the extedned warranty from B and N.

Speaking of Barnes and Noble, Publisher's Weekly reports that they are doing very well despite these yough economic times, and that they plan to continue to invest heavily in e-publishing ventures. The full article can be read here. has an interesting article called "Bold Prediction: Why E-books will never Replace Real books," by Jan Swafford. The piece talks at length about the writings of Marshall Mcluhan and is a refreshing call for perspective in a discussion that is often rife with exaggerated conclusions and hyperbolic rhetoric.

The New York Times is reporting on a deal to hopefully breathe some new life into the declining world of independent book stores. Google, which is coming out with its own e-book store called Google Editions, is going to partner up with American book Sellers Association to be the distributor on indy book stores' websites. I hope deal works out for everyone. While I love the superbookstores like Barnes and Noble and Borders, there is nothing in the world like walking into a place like Powell's Books and I hope that this will keep stores like that open.

I'm still working on the review of the ipad but so far I give it high marks. I've downloaded ibooks, stanza, and the Kindle and Barne's and Noble applications. So far ibooks has the best look but doesn't have near the selection of its competitors.

Shortly the blog will have a guest writer review the nook. I'm also interested in any news on the Kobo currently being sold out of Borders. If anyone out there has a Kobo and would like to send me their thoughts please do so.

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