Monday, January 17, 2011

Back From Vacation - Border's Circling the Drain and Do E-reader's Make You Lazy?

Hey Folks,

         Back from a wonderful vacation visiting family in Northern California and I am catching up on some work before school starts at the end of the month. Short post but more to follow soon:

 - The Vancouver Sun's Shelly Fralic has a fun article about the angst of a newly converted e-reader fan.
- The Times of India reports on studies that suggest that the clarity of e-reader displays decreases reader's retention and contributes to "lazy brain."

Borders Possibly Closing
- LA Times book blog, Jacket Copy, has an article outlining the current serious financial problems facing Borders.  
- The Washington City Paper has another piece analyzing this situation. Writer Lydia DePillis makes this excellent point on why Barnes and Noble is doing better then its rival:
"Why has Barnes and Noble fared comparatively better than Borders? Mostly, it has to do with e-strategy. According to publishing industry analyst Michael Norris, Borders blundered by partnering with for its book sales, and the online superstore had no incentive to help encourage brick-and-mortar sales, which Barnes and Noble's integrated site did much better. Then there was the rewards card mistake: Borders started with a free membership program, which customers didn't really value. Barnes and Noble went with a paid rewards card with deep discounts, which brought in more in membership fees and paid itself back in increased sales." 


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