Saturday, January 29, 2011

News and Updates: Digital Book World 2011, E-Books Outsell Paperbacks at Amazon and More!

Digital Book World:
Last month was the 2011 Digital Book World conference and by all accounts it was a success. The event brought together writers, publishers, booksellers, and agents and focused primarily on how publishing can adapt to the changing market. For a comprehensive breakdown check out the DBW's site here. Here are some highlights:
- LA Time's book blog, Jacket Copy, has a concise overview of the conference.
- Publisher's Weekly has a piece on DBW's panel on digital books and libraries.
- PW also had a breakdown on DBW's panel on digital royalties.

Book Stuff:
- The New York Time has a great article by Julie Bosman on the various ways independent bookstores are trying to maintain profitably in the digital era.
- The Guardian discusses Philip Pullman's passionate defense of libraries.

Publishing/Business News:
- Amazon has a ten billion dollar quarter and sells millions of kindles reports Ebooknewser.
- Future Book asks how to judge an e-book without a cover.
- The Big Picture discusses Amazon's new Singles Imprint and the New York Times ' first e-book.

Tablet News:
- Wiredreports that the former president of Newsweekly is setting up an app that will sell digital periodicals. Sounds a lot like the app Zinio.
- engadget is not impressed with the new MSI tablet.

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